April 14, 2017

Lucy Coe's Pink and Black Abstract Print Dress - General Hospital, Season 54, Episode 03/27/17

Last month on General Hospital, Scotty tried to get Morgan's pill bottle from Lucy for Ava, but Lucy didn't give in. Later, Lucy blackmailed Ava into funding the Nurses's Ball in exchange for the bottle. While they were negotiating at the The Floating Rib, the bar was robbed. During these scenes, Lucy was wearing a pink, black, white, and orange abstract print sheath dress by Calvin Klein. Lucy's dress is currently out of stock, but I gathered a few pink print sheath dresses by Calvin Klein that are currently available below.

Lucy Coe, Lynn Herring, Pink and Black Abstract Print Dress, Calvin Klein, GH, General Hospital

Here are some pink print sheath dresses that are currently available:


  1. Who makes the top Sam was wearing on 4 1417?

  2. I love the blouse Sam wore on 4/17/2017 as well...black/floral

  3. Where can i get the dress olivia wore on april 17,2017 for her engagement party.

  4. I think I found the top Sam was wearing on 4/14/17. I can't post the link, but I found it At Bloomingdales by Knot Sisters. They only have a size small right now.

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