Sam Morgan's Blue-Grey Diamond Pleated Scarf - General Hospital, Season 54, Episode 02/20/17

February 28, 2017

Last week on General Hospital, Sam visited Alexis. As she left, she received a phony call from Olivia telling her that Dr. Kelly Lee wanted to see her about her baby. After heading to GH, Olivia sabotaged Sam's car and offered her a ride. When Sam realized who Olivia was, she tried to leave, but Olivia fought with her and threw Sam over a bridge. During these scenes, Sam was wearing a blue-grey scarf with diamond pleats by Anne Klein. The scarf looked more grey than blue on my screen, but I think Sam's in the slate blue version. Sam's blanket scarf also comes in black, blush, dark charcoal grey, and cream (quartz).

Sam's Blue-Grey Diamond Pleated Scarf (also available here). See more Anne Klein Clothing.

Here's another view of Sam's blanket scarf where it does look slightly blueish next to her grey top:

See more of Sam Morgan's Clothing.

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