Tracy Quartermaine's Sequined Off-White Tweed Duster Jacket - General Hospital, Season 55, Episode 04/18/17

May 09, 2017

Last month on General Hospital, Tracy showed her family the beautiful treasure that Edward left her, a Renaissance painting that strongly resembles her. She also told her family about the letter Edward wrote to her about his love for her. I found it difficult to say goodbye to Tracy. I'm going to miss watching Jane Elliot so much. Let's hope that the Quartermaines remain a presence in Port Charles for a long time to come.

During these emotional scenes, Tracy was wearing an off-white tweed topper jacket embellished with sequins by Calvin Klein. It's currently unavailable online, but you might still find it in stores.

Tracy Quartermaine, Jane Elliot, Sequined Off-White Tweed Duster Jacket, Calvin Klein, GH, General Hospital, Season 55

I love the painting of Tracy's Renaissance era look alike. It's so beautiful!

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