Saturday, May 23, 2015

Kiki Jerome's Paint Print Top - General Hospital, Season 53, Episode 38, 05/22/15

On Friday's GH, Kiki went over to Julian's with Morgan. During these scenes, Kiki was wearing a tiered white and black swingy tank top covered with an abstract orange, pink and black paint print by Bar III. Kiki's top is out of stock online, but another tank with the same multicolored print is currently available.

Kiki's Paint Print Top (out of stock, similar option). See more Bar III Tops.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Kiki Jerome's Black and Pink Floral Shirt - General Hospital, Season 53, Episode 36, 05/20/15

On yesterday and today's GH, Kiki and Morgan fought and then had sex. During her clothed scenes, Kiki was wearing a black shirt covered with pink roses from H&M. It comes in several other prints too.

Maxie Jones's Black Midi Dress - General Hospital, Season 53, Episode 32, 05/14/15

Last Thursday on GH, Maxie attended Duke's funeral and offered Anna her condolences, mentioning that she thinks of her sister Georgie every day. I hope that Robin is out there bringing both Georgie and Duke back. I'd suspend disbelief as a viewer to have them all return.

During these scenes, Maxie was wearing a black midi sheath dress with a pleated satin bodice and short sleeves by Jason Wu. Maxie's dress is currently sold out, but this dress by Jason Wu has a similar cut and look.

Maxie's Black Midi Dress (out of stock). See more Jason Wu Dresses.

Sabrina Santiago's Floral Wrap Tank - General Hospital, Season 53, Episode 33, 05/15/15

On Friday's live episode of GH, Anna convinced Sabrina to call Carlos and find his location. During this episode, and during the episodes this week, Sabrina was wearing a ginger pink and white, floral, cross-front tank by Bailey 44.

Morgan Corinthos's Green Checked Shirt - General Hospital, Season 53, Episode 36, 05/20/15

On yesterday's GH, Morgan and Kiki argued. During these scenes, Morgan was wearing a green checked shirt with a peace sign monogram by John Varvatos. Morgan's shirt is currently sold out.