Saturday, April 19, 2014

Olivia Falconeri's Turquoise Dress - General Hospital, Season 52, Episode 14, 4/18/14

Olivia, played by Lisa Locicero, was looking lovely in a turquoise dress on Friday's episode of General Hospital. In this scene, she and Carly are shocked to see Franco spray painting his hotel room after being artistically inspired by his muse.

Olivia's dress is by Tahari ASL.

Here's another similar dress:

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Elizabeth Webber's Cardigan - General Hospital, Season 52, Episode 13, 4/17/14

On today's episode of General Hospital, Elizabeth and Cam moved into Wyndemere as Nik's guests. They'll live there while Liz recuperates from her gunshot wound. Unsurprisingly, this plot twist seems more about giving Spencer airtime with Cameron as they rival for Emma Drake's affections than giving Liz and Nik a story.

Elizabeth was wearing a navy cardigan with a zig zag ribbon embellishment that I immediately recognized as being from Anthropologie. It's out of stock, but they always have a cute selection of cardigans. I hope this one makes a return to the store because it's versatile and also playful. I'm glad being wounded at hasn't ruined Liz's fashion sense.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Jordan Ashford's Earrings - General Hospital, Season 52, Episode 11, 4/15/14

Jordan Ashford is a new face in Port Charles. She's TJ's mother, and I'm wondering if the two of them are in some way tied to the Hardy family. I'm hoping TJ turns out to be Tom Hardy Jr. or Tom Hardy III. I'm also really hoping Jordan is working as an undercover cop or as a detective to bring the Jeromes down.

Yesterday, as Jordan got ready for her new job at Ava's gallery, she wore a pencil skirt and an oddly fitting black top that looked sort of like maternity wear (maybe if she is a cop, she's hiding her holster under it). She accessorized with cool chandelier earrings that gave a bright pop of color to her outfit. I ID-ed the earrings below:

Tracy Quartermaine's Necklace - General Hospital, Season 52, Episode 11, 4/15/14

Tracy Quartermaine, played by the incredibly talented Jane Elliot, is one of my favorite General Hospital characters. When I was young, I never liked Tracy because I found her so abrasive and harsh, but after watching Tracy over the years, I know that under that hard, protective exterior is a fragile center that wants true love and the love of her family. Tracy's face softens at the mere mention of her father Edward and mother Lila. Now that her parents and brother Alan are gone, Tracy's the matriarch of the Quartermaine family. I only wish the Quartermaines were the major presence they should be on GH.

Yesterday's episode gave me hope for the future because Tracy's son Ned returned to town. Let's hope he moves back to Port Charles for good! Jane Elliot and Wally Kurth (Ned) have a magical chemistry that makes sparks fly out of my television screen. I love watching them together.

Along with loving her character, I also like Tracy's glitzy, unique fashion sense. On yesterday's episode, she was all class, wearing a textured silver blazer over a simple black top. Unfortunately, I can't seem to identify the blazer; however, I did find a match for Tracy's elegant double circle necklace.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ava Jerome's Red Dress - General Hospital, Season 52, Episode 11, 4/15/14

On today's episode of General Hospital, Ava wore a bright red dress with chain laced neckline. This dress is designed by Michael Kors.

Ava's dress is available in several other colors and prints:

Maxie Jones's Poncho - General Hospital, Season 52, Episode 10, 04/14/14

Formerly the "Bad Blond One," Maxie's changed her ways with a newfound love of herbal tea and mindful meditation. Her new spin on life is reflected in her wardrobe. The poncho she was wearing on Monday's episode was again from Free People. Check out the details below:

Friday, April 11, 2014

Maxie Jones's Save the Sea Cows! T-shirt - General Hospital, Season 52, Episode 9, 04/11/14

Thank you Maxie for interrupting a potentially incestuous encounter between Britt and Nathan on today's General Hospital. I love her "Save the Sea Cows!" T-shirt and her new interest in environmental causes. The t-shirt is for sale online at Zazzle. I kinda want one.