Friday, December 19, 2014

Maxie Jones's Blue Split-Neckline Dress with Flared Skirt - General Hospital, Season 52, Episode 180, 12/16/14

On Tuesday's episode of General Hospital, Judge Meanie again prevented Maxie from seeing her daughter Georgie. I wish Mac, Felicia, Bobbie, Lucas, Anna, and Patrick were in the courtroom during these scenes. Family scenes are too few and far between on GH.

During these scenes, Maxie was wearing a blue split-neckline dress with a flared tulip skirt by Halston Heritage. Maxie's dress also comes in black.

Carly Jack's Ruffled Wool Trench Coat - General Hospital, Season 52, Episode 179, 12/15/14

On Monday's episode of General Hospital, Carly confronted Franco in prison. During these scenes, Carly was wearing a brown-grey ruffled wool trench coat by Tahari. It's the 'Eve' Asymmetrical Ruffle Loro Piana Wool Trench. I couldn't find the wool version in stock online, but there's a cotton version of the trench available in black and cream.

Ava Jerome's Belted Beige Tweed Coat - General Hospital, Season 52, Episode 176, 12/10/14

On the December 10th episode of General Hospital (and again on the 12th), Ava and Silas looked for Nina and Ava's baby. During these scenes, Ava was wearing a belted beige tweed wool coat by T. Tahari. It's called the mink and macrame tweed 'Izzy' wool-blend belted military coat.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Kiki Jerome's Cropped Red Sweater - General Hospital, Season 52, Episode 176, 12/10/14

On Wednesday's GH, Kiki and Morgan went to Ryan's bar to get info from Delia on Ava's whereabouts. During these scenes, Kiki was wearing a destroyed, red sweater with a holey ladder stitch  by Topshop.

Lulu Falconeri's Tweed Tulip Coat - General Hospital, Season 52, Episode 175, 12/09/14

On Tuesday's episode of GH, Lulu and Sam tried to get info on Nathan while he was in surgery. During these scenes, Lulu was wearing a black and white tweed tulip coat with leather cuffs by Bebe. Lulu's jacket appears to be sold out online, but you might still be able to find it in stores. There's also this similar tweed coat available from Bebe online.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Liesl Obrecht's Red Chain Shoulder Cowlneck Top - General Hospital, Season 52, Episode 174, 12/05/14

On Friday's episode of General Hospital, Liesl and Britt were at Kelly's, and Liesl convinced Britt to leave town with her and Faison. During these scenes, Dr. O was wearing a red cowlneck top with chain links along the shoulders by Michael Kors. It's sold out online.