Monday, July 21, 2014

Maxie Jones's Printed Shirtdress - General Hospital, Season 52, Episode 77, 07/21/14

On today's episode of General Hospital, Maxie announced to Mac, Felicia, and Nathan that she and Levi were getting married. During these scenes (and during Friday's episode), Maxie was wearing a long, midi-length, printed shirtdress. Aside from the sleeves being overly long, I liked the dress, although most of the comments I read on twitter were negative. Maybe Maxie was feeling counterculture, retro, or expressing her love of Little House on the Prairie. Regardless of Maxie's reason, I think her portrayer, Kirsten Storms, looks pretty in everything!

I couldn't locate where Maxie's dress is sold or the designer, but a bunch of shirtdresses caught my eye while I searched for Maxie's dress. Most of my selections have long sleeves like her dress. The first two are my favorites. What did you think of Maxie's dress?

Elizabeth Webber's Floral Sundress - General Hospital, Season 52, Episode 61, 06/25/14

On June 25th, the start of General Hospital's lengthy 4th of July episode, Elizabeth dropped Cameron at Camp Lila's Kids. During these scenes, Elizabeth wore a pretty floral sundress that she's worn previously.

 Although I wasn't able to identify the designer, I came across a sundress by Kimchi and Blue at Urban Outfitters that reminded me of Liz's dress. If you're looking for a sundress like Liz's, this might be a good option.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Britt Westbourne's Jeans - General Hospital, Season 52, Episode 75, 07/16/14

During Wednesday and Friday's episodes of General Hospital, Britt and Spencer worked together to keep Liz and Nik apart and to get Nik interested in Britt again. During these scenes, Britt was wearing a pair of Mother jeans.

Elizabeth Webber's Smocked and Ruffled Purple Top - General Hospital, Season 52, Episode 75, 07/16/14

On Wednesday's episode of General Hospital, Elizabeth chatted with Felix at the hospital as they finished working the night shift, and the two of them headed to the park where Cameron was at camp "Lila's Kids." During these scenes, Elizabeth wore a smocked purple floral tank top with ruffles on the front and crisscrossing straps at the back by Free People.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Maxie Jones's Distressed Boyfriend Jeans - General Hospital, Season 52, Episode 73, 07/14/14

Maxie was wearing distressed boyfriend jeans on the July 14th episode of GH along with several other recent episodes. A commenter ID-ed Maxie's jeans as the NSF Oil Stained Boyfriend Jeans at Free People, and it looks like a match to me! Her back pocket had a single horizontal stitched line, which matches the pocket design of NSF Free People Jeans. Thanks Anon for ID-ing the jeans!

Maxie's Distressed Boyfriend Jeans. See more Free People Jeans.

Here are some more options if you're looking for distressed jeans.

Lulu Falconeri's Tiered Black Tank Top - General Hospital, Season 52, Episode 72, 07/11/14

On Friday's episode of General Hospital, Lulu listened to Lucas's romantic dilemma and learned of his love for The Golden Girls. During these scenes (as well as her scenes on July 10th, 14th, and 15th), Lulu was wearing an asymmetric tiered black tank top. Lulu's top is by Bar III and available at Macy's.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Jordan Ashford's Strappy Blue Mini Dress - General Hospital, Season 52, Episode 74, 07/15/14

On today's episode of General Hospital, Jordan talked with Shawn and then had dinner with Mickey Diamond at the Metro Court to try to gain information about his boss for her undercover assignment. During these scenes, Jordan wore a body-con blue mini dress by GUESS with straps that crosscrossed at the back.